Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mike Napoli May Or May Not Have Had Sex With A Porn Star After The Game Last Night. And If It Helps Him Hit, I Really Dont Give A Shit.

Porn star Rachel Starr tweeted this yesterday afternoon:

I have no idea if she was really there to see Mike Napoli or was just starting shit, but she was definitely at the game. She tweeted this picture last night during the game:

If you're not familiar with Rachel Starr, according to her IMDB page, she's been in such films as, " Round Butt Sluts 4," "My Sister's Hot Friend 9," " My Sister's Hot Friend 10," Bachelor Party Fuckfest 8," and "Ass Parade 33."

It should be interesting to see how Mike Napoli plays today (if he is even in the lineup).  Lets cross our fingers and hope Rachel Starr is the proverbial "slumpbuster."

By the way, if you're wonder, Mike Napoli does follow her on twitter. So its not like she is a psycho twitter stalker. This story actually has some legs.