Mike Napoli Started Yesterday For The First Time Since "Hanging Out" With Rachel Starr And It Actually Went Pretty Well.

I guess we can officially call Rachel Starr a slumpbuster.

Well, in the interest of full disclosure, I have no idea if Mike Napoli did or did not bang Rachel Starr. All I know is that she went to the Red Sox game in San Fransisco specifically to see him and then "hung out" with him after (article here).

That being said, Napoli was in the starting lineup yesterday for the first time since "hanging out" Starr and went 3 for 4. It was his first three hit game since June 1st.  Rachel Starr is pissa.

It was also learned yesterday that Napoli has plantar fasciitis. But he was adamant that it wasnt the reason why he has been sucking at the plate lately. Before the game, he told reporters, "I don't feel it one bit hitting. That has nothing to do with anything. Running is definitely the worst part of it -- sometimes in the field, going to first base."

I guess that was his encrypted way of telling us that he hasnt been injured but just in a slump...and that all he needed was a slumpbuster.  Kudos to Napoli for giving his lady friend credit where credit is due.