REPORT: Brian Cashman’s Mistress Says He "Didn’t Care" That Yankees Were Using PED’s And Once Interfered With An Investigation. You Cant Make This Shit Up.

From TheVillageVoice:
A court document filed yesterday contains new allegations about Yankees general manager Brian Cashman from his former mistress, who is accused of stalking him and trying to extort money from him.
Louise Meanwell is said to have told her lawyer Stephen Turano that Cashman told her he was aware of steroid use in the Yankees clubhouse, but didn't care as long as it didn't harm the team's reputation, the document says.

Meanwell also told Turano that Cashman told her he intentionally misled investigators during the investigation into pitcher Roger Clemons's steroid use, the document alleges.

Im not naive.  I understand that all GM's knew that players were using PED's back in the day and just didnt give a shit.  But the fact that the Yankees are busting Alex Rodriguez's balls for interfering with the investigation into the Biogenesis clinic yet their own GM intentionally misled investigators when it came to Roger Clemens is laughable.

I mean, the Yankees organization is a friggin joke. They really are. They are run by a bunch of hypocrites who think they are high and mighty when the reality is just are and were enablers just like every other GM in baseball.

Believe me, Im not sticking up for A-Rod here--the guy is an all around douchebag and is bad for baseball.  But for the Yankees to push for a lifetime ban because he interfered with the Biogenesis investigation while their own GM tampered with an investigation and enabled PED use just brings them down to his level.  And it proves that the Yankees organization is just as phony and fraudulent as A-Rod...and thats pretty pathetic.