This Is Jared Remy, Jerry Remy's Son. This Piece Of Shit Has Been Arrested And Charged With Murdering His Girlfriend.

Jared Remy, the son of famed Boston Red Sox player and broadcaster Jerry Remy, allegedly stabbed his girlfriend to death in their apartment Thursday night, an act of domestic violence that took place while the victim’s daughter was home, officials said today.

Remy is scheduled to be arraigned today on murder, domestic assault and battery charges at Waltham District Court - the same courthouse where he appeared on Wednesday to face allegations that he assaulted Jennifer Martel, the woman he is now accused of killing, officials said.

How the hell does a guy show up in court for assaulting his girlfriend on Wednesday then murder her on Thursday?  This is just fucked up.  I cant even imagine what it was like living with this piece of shit.  That poor girl must have been living in hell, absolute hell.   It is so friggin sad.

If you didnt know, Jared Remy used to work security for the Red Sox.  He was fired  in 2009 after they learned he was using and dealing steroid (although he allegedly never sold to any players).  He was also arrested in 2005 for assaulting the same woman.  So the guy was basically a juice head who beat women.  What a lowlife scumbag.

And I feel bad for Jerry Remy, I really do.  He has battled cancer, depression and now we learn that his son is a piece of shit and a murderer.  Jesus H Christ, he doesnt deserve all of this.  Jerry Remy is one of the good ones.  If he decides he doesnt want to work the booth anymore, this is a terrible way to go out.