So MLB Has Officially "Suspended" Ryan Dempster...If You Want To Call It That. Joe Girardi Must Be Pissed Right Now.

If this isnt an endorsement of what Ryan Dempster did, then I dont know what it. Christ, anyone with a set of eyes knew Ryan Dempster was throwing at A-Rod...including Bud Selig and his associates. Yet he only got five games.

What cracks me up is that, in the days leading up to that fateful Sunday night game, Jon Lester went on the record and said that Alex Rodriguez "spit in the face" of every union member.  John Lackey went on the record and said that A-Rod shouldnt even be playing.  Then Ryan Dempster (blatantly) intentionally hits him and only gets a five game suspension.  That is friggin hilarious.

Joe Girardi must be pissed right now.  After he got ejected on Sunday night, he went on a epic rant, saying that the Red Sox "have a lot of days off [this Thursday and next Monday] and you could finagle something.  Like if he took the suspension [Tuesday] he wouldn’t miss a start. It has to cost him something."

Well, its Tuesday and Ryan Dempster has been suspended five games, meaning the Red Sox can simply skip his spot in the rotation and not have to find someone to make a spot start.  That must burn Girardi's ass.

Anyway, it looks like its open season on A-Rod, folks. I wonder who the next pitcher will be to give the asshole his proper stoning. Stay tuned.