VIDEO: Bill Belichick Is Asked About Rolling Stone Article After The Game Last Night And Says “I Don’t Have Anything To Add” Over And Over And Over.

Once again, the NFL is wicked douchey about their videos so Im not able to post it here. Click here to see the video (the question is asked at the 1:02 mark).

Anyway, I understand these reporters have a job to do but why cant they get it through their thick skulls that the Aaron Hernandez situation is a pending legal matter? Jesus Christ, that must get so annoying.

And what makes the guy asking the question really come across as an obnoxious prick is the fact that it was the first question of the press conference. Belichick spent about a minute talking about his philosophy in regards to the pre season, etc, etc and the prick comes out with, "There was a story in Rolling Stone about Aaron Hernandez, have you read it?" Come on. Really?