FINAL: Patriots 13 Jets 10

The Patriots are 2-0, so I should feel good right now but the realty is, I feel wicked shitty.

That was a frustrating game to watch.  Either these young receivers just aren’t very good or there is indeed a learning curve when you play with Tom Brady. I mean, they looked like absolute shit last night. Sure, Aaron Dobson had a touchdown on his first career reception, but the dude dropped more balls than he caught...literally. He was targeted 10 times and only made three catches.

Julian Edelman looked okay. He had a career high 13 catches for 78 yards. Those numbers aren’t bad, but they aren’t exactly Wes Welker numbers. Thats an average of 6.0 yards per catch. Welker averaged 10.2 yards per catch in his six years here.

It really is amazing how different this offense looks without Wes Welker.  With Welker out in Denver sniffing Peyton Mannings crotch and Amendola nursing a sore vagina, Brady was throwing to Edelman a lot and force-feeding Aaron Dobson and Kenbrell Thompkins.

Like I said, Edelman looked okay but Dobson and Thompkins had a total of 103 receiving yards combined and only caught five of 17 balls thrown their way. I hate shitting on the hometown guys, but that is friggin pathetic.  It really is.  I miss Wes Welker so goddamn much right now.

The Patriots running game was nonexistent.  Thankfully, Stevan Ridley didnt drop the ball at all but he also didnt run much. The dude only had 40 yards on the night despite getting the ball more than any other running back on this team. The Patriots, as a team, rushed for a total of 54 yards. With Shane Vereen out, they basically don’t have a running game.

Im not going to sit here and bitch and moan about everyone, though.  I just cant.  Is too Goddamn depressing. So, on the bright side Chandler Jones had two sacks, Tom Brady threw a touchdown for the 50th consecutive game and Geno Smith threw three interceptions.  Thats all Ive got.

So, after two games, the Patriots have beaten the Buffalo Bills by two points and the New York Friggin Jets by three points.  I cant friggin wait for Rob Gronkowski to come back.  This has been a painful two weeks.