FINAL: Patriots 23 Bills 21

Sure, the Patriots won but we have every right to be pissed off right now. There is no way on God's green Earth that the Patriots should beat the friggin Bills on a last second field goal. That isnt the way its supposed to be.  They were 11 point favorites going into this game and the Patriots nearly shat the bed.

It wasnt Tom Brady's fault. I mean, the guy didnt have too many options. Hell, when Julien Edelman has two touchdowns, you know the receiving corps is depleted.

The Patriots missed Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski.  They friggin missed those guys bad.  Brady only targeted his tight ends once. Hoomanawanui had one reception for five yards.

The only other guy Brady seemed comfortable throwing to was Danny Amendola, who actually look pretty good.   When he limped off the field in the second quarter holding his groin I almost headed to the friggin Tobin.  Without him, the Patriots are up shits creek.

Thankfully, the dude got back on the field and ended up with 10 catches and 104 yards. He took some nasty hits too. You must admit, the guy is tough and productive.  He reminds me a lot of that other guy who used to play here.

Now allow me to rip Stevan Ridley a new asshole.  That dude should start looking for a day job immediately.  Seriously, after that game the dude should be behind Gatorade cooler on the depth chart.  You dont fumble twice in the NFL and expect to be a number one running back.

Ridley is the reason the Patriots nearly lost this game.  When he fumbled in the second quarter, the Patriots were up 10-0.  The Bills recovered and scored a touchdown, making it 10-7.  If Ridley hadnt fumbled, the Patriots would have finished that drive and been up 17-0.  And if my aunt had a dick, she'd be my uncle.

Thankfully, he didnt even see the field after that second fumble.  He ended the day with nine carries and 46 yards.  Shane Vereen had 14 carries and 101 yards, so Ridley basically did lose his job as the number one running back today.  And he pissed off a lot of fantasy owners.

Anyway, I guess I should take the thorn out of my ass.  The Patriots did win.  And its nice to know that even on their shittiest day, they are still better than the pathetic Bills.