FINAL: Patriots 30 Falcons 23

The Patriots scored 30 points and beat the Falcons on the road.  Damn.  I guess it didnt matter that Gronk was out.

I give the Falcons credit. The Patriots led 30-13 at one point and in the end, they came within one touchdown of tying the game. But with 36 seconds left in the game, “Matty Ice” couldn’t live up to his bullshit nickname and had his endzone pass to Roddy White broken up by Aqib Talib.  Seriously, it must suck to be the Falcons today. They are now 1-3.

And anyone calling the Patriots 4-0 record a "weak 4-0" is an asshole. Yes, they beat three borderline NFL teams in the Bills, Jets and Buccaneers, but they’ve now also beaten a team that played in the NFC Championship game last year.  That counts for something.

Going forward, any asshole who diminishes what the Patriots have done this season deserves to be slapped in the face.  They are 4-0 with no Danny Amendola, no Rob Gronkowski, no Aaron Hernandez and with a bunch of nobodies on their roster.

When I say nobodies, I mean nobodies.  Michael Buchanan and Joe Vellano each had big sacks for this team last night. Some guy named Matthew Mulligan had a touchdown. I checked, Matthew Mulligan is owned by 0% of fantasy owners….and he had a touchdown last night for the Patriots.

I pay attention to the Patriots as much as the next guy and I admit, I had no friggin idea there were guys named Buchanan, Vellano and Mulligan on this team.  None.  The fact that they are getting these kinds of results with these types of guys is friggin scary.

Im not taking away what this defense has accomplished.  I mean, Aqib Talib is easily the best cornerback in the NFL right now, he has four interceptions and is a huge part of their success.  But the story of the 2013 Patriots is the fact that Tom Brady is throwing to a bunch of guys that Bill Belichick basically picked up off the friggin Malden Center platform on the Orange Line and are 4-0.

Kenbrell Thompkins, an undrafted free agent, had more yards last night (127) than Julio Jones (108).  Let that sink in for a second.  That alone tells you how scary this team is.  They shut down the opposing teams most dangerous weapon and their rookie wide receiver had a better night than him. The Falcons were supposed to be the first "test" for the Patriots.  Consider how things turned out, the rest of the NFL must be scared shitless right now.  

Anyway, this is only the third time in the history of the franchise that the Patriots have started the season 4-0.  The other two times were 2004 and 2007....and they made the Super Bowl each of those years.  Im not implying anything--I dont want to be called the friggin jinx.  Im just stating the facts.