FINAL: Red Sox 2 Tigers 1

Jon Lester went up against a guy who is the favorite to win the Cy Young Award this year and a Detroit Tigers offense that is leading the American League in runs, batting average, on base percentage and slugging percentage...and Lester absolutely, unequivocally made them his bitch.

He pitched 7 innings, allowed one run, no walks and struck out nine. That was an un friggin real performance against a stacked lineup. I mean, this game was huge. I cant overstate that fact.

If Jon Lester had lost that game, or god forbid gone out there and shat the bed, people would be talking about how the Red Sox cant compete with the elite teams in the American League and how they dont have a shot at the World Series because they have to beat good teams in order to get there and cant.  Well, those critics can shove it up their ass.

This was a statement game and the Red Sox made a statement, there is no doubt about that.  They proved that they can beat the Tigers best pitcher and Jon Lester proved that he can go up against another teams ace and make him look like an asshole.  They handed Scherzer only his second loss of the season for Christ's sake.

Will Middlebrooks had probably hit biggest hit of the season, with his two out, two RBI single in the bottom of the fifth (which were the only two runs the Red Sox scored) and the bullpen did their job with Workman, Breslow, Tazawa and Uehara all coming in and not allowing a run.  And Uehara only needed nine pitches to finish off these bitches in the ninth.

If this is a preview of the ALCS, I cant friggin wait.