FINAL: Red Sox 3 Orioles 1. After Three Long Years, And A Lot Of Bullshit, The Red Sox Are Going Back To The Postseason...And I Have A Pants Tent That Isnt Going Away Anytime Soon.

I know the players were very businesslike last night, but I have no problem losing my shit right now. I lived through the collapse of 2011 and the Bobby Valentine shit show of 2012. As a fan, that was hell on Earth.  Which is why we have every right to gloat about these Red Sox making the playoffs, even though they havent clinched the AL East.

Back in August of 2011, when they traded Beckett, Gonzalez, Crawford and Punto to the Dodgers, I honestly thought the Red Sox were about five or six years away from being contenders.  Never in my wettest dream did I think, two years later, that they would be a World Series contender.  This is just un friggin real.

As far as Im concerned, last night John Farrell locked up the Manager of the Year Award. Ben Cherington locked up the Executive of the Year Award. John Lackey locked up the Comeback Player of the Year Award. And if MLB had a Comeback Team of the Year Award, the Red Sox would have locked that up too.

Just two years after all the fried chicken and beer bullshit, the Red Sox are among the elite teams in Major League Baseball...and I have a pants tent that isnt going away anytime soon.

The Red Sox are better than the Yankees, the Orioles, the Tampon Bay Rays, the Blue Jays, and hell they are better than everyone in the league right now. They literally have the most wins and the best record in all of Major League Baseball right now.  I understand the players have to be businesslike, but I dont. I can call it what it is. And this team is the fuckin balls.

And how fitting was it that one of the guys at the center of the fried chicken and beer bullshit of 2011 won the game that put the Red Sox into the playoffs? I mean, that is poetic justice.

John Lackey was unbelievable last night. The dude took a no-hitter into the seventh inning and ended up pitching a complete game two-hitter to put the Red Sox back into the playoffs.  I cannot believe I just said that.  It just doesnt feel real to me.

And the Rays lost last night.  So, the Red Sox magic number to clinch the AL East is now down to one.  If they win tomorrow night, or if the Rays lose, I really hope the players go friggin nuts on the field and then brag about how Goddamn good they are.  They've earned it.