Ladies And Gentlemen, Meet Patriots Wide Receiver Aaron Dobson

Here is Aaron Dobson's first ever touchdown on his first ever reception.

And here's Aaron Dobson dropping a ball he clearly should have caught:

After Dobson's touchdown, which was in the first two minutes of the game, the dude literally had two catches for a total of 17 yards and seven drops and/or missed catches. Im not shitting on the guy--I understand it was his first NFL game--Im just proving the point that Tom Brady has every right to be pissed off today.

Brady threw to the other young wide receiver, Kendrell Thompkins, seven times and the dude caught two passes.  Thats five drops and/or misses.

Its sucks, but the Patriots most likely arent going to go out and sign a veteran wide receiver.  They were turned down  by Brandon Llyod and there arent too many options out there. 

So, considering Brady's new binky, Danny Amendola, is expected to be out for as long as six weeks, we are going to have to deal with the growing pains that come with having a young receiving corps for a while.  Prepare to see a pissed off Tom Brady a lot on the sidelines this year.