Here's Something To Get You Warmed Up. Videos Of Red Sox Clinching The AL East In 2007, 1995 and 1990. Yes, I Included The Infamous Tom Brunansky Sliding Catch.

Red Sox clinch AL East 2007

Red Sox clinch AL East 1995

Red Sox clinch AL East in 1990 on a Tom Brunansky sliding catch in the right field corner

I wonder how the 2013 celebration will compare. If they really want to bust balls, John Lackey and Jon Lester should throw fried chicken at the sky and chug some Budweiser in front of the cameras. I think its safe to say those demons will officially be exorcised at the moment they clinch.

By the way, the Red Sox also won the AL East in 1988, 1986 and 1975 but I couldnt find the videos. I guess everyone is too lazy to convert the VHS tapes to MPEGS.