Jacoby Ellsbury Sat Out Last Nights Game With A "Sore Left Hand."

From ESPN:
Red Sox center fielder and leadoff hitter Jacoby Ellsbury is not in the lineup Tuesday night against the Detroit Tigers due to a sore left hand.

It’s something that has been bothering him for a couple of days, so Red Sox manager John Farrell thought it best to give Ellsbury the night off against Tigers ace Max Scherzer. Ellsbury actually has decent career numbers against the right-hander, posting a .556 average (5-for-9) with one home run and five RBIs.

Farrell believes Ellsbury will be back in the lineup Wednesday.

This was a huge game and you have to admit, that was a bitch move.  John Farrell will probably take the blame because he's a great manager and doesnt want his players to take any shit from the media, but come on.  Jacoby Ellsbury should have begged to play in the game.

We all know Shane Victorino isnt 100 percent right now.  He played.  Hell, Dustin Pedroia played 53 games this season with a torn ligament in his thumb.  I guarantee John Farrell urged him to take a day off at some point during that 53 game span and Pedroia told him to screw.

Jacoby Ellsbury is 5 for 9 against Max Scherzer in his career.  He should have been in that game.  For that, Jacoby Ellsbury has officially earned a spot on my shit list.