Jamie Erdahl Will Be NESN's New Rinkside Bruins Reporter. You Massholes Remember Her Right?

Yea, that's Jamie Erdahl. Today, NESN announced that she will be taking over for Naoko Funayama as Bruins rinkside reporter. Great choice by NESN. Dont get me wrong, I liked Naoko Funayama but I always thought she had the personality of a piece of cardboard.

Erdahl is pissa. She tweets a lot and actually has a personality. After David Ortiz went apeshit on that dugout phone in Baltimore, she tweeted out this picture, spoofing the incident:

Back in March, Sidney Crosby scored a huge goal to give the Penguins a 2-1 lead over the Bruins and Naoko Funayama tweeted this:

Like I said, cardboard.