Larry Lucchino Says That If A Red Sox Player Gets Plunked Tonight He's "going to look for" Yankees President Randy Levine. I Shit You Not.

From WEEI:
During a Thursday morning appearance on Dennis & Callahan, Lucchino said he plans to attend Thursday’s game, and he has a plan in mind if the teams get into it again.

"I know that what happened here was not something that was mandated or ordered or whatever. And I hope the Yankees behave the same way.  If it starts up, I’m going to look for Randy Levine,” Lucchino joked about his Yankees counterpart.
I hope [another incident] doesn’t happen. It’s a little different now, because each of these games matters so much. I don’t think anybody wants to ignite the other team.

But he said it jokingly.  Riiiiight.  Just like when some asshole squeezes into a parking spot right in front of you and you say, "if you hit my car, Im going to key the shit out of your car.  Im just kidding...but dont hit my car."

This is his way of saying that he didnt order the hit on A-Rod and he expects the Yankees not to order a hit on any Red Sox players.  If they do, Lucchino will probably go apeshit.  Im not saying he is going to assault the guy, but I can see a war of words erupting between front offices via the media.

I mean, if anyone does get drilled, it will obviously have come from Joe Girardi.  The guy was pissed when A-Rod got plunked and he has had a thorn in his ass ever since Ryan Dempster only got a five game suspension.  Its up to the Yankees front office to make sure their players and their manager doesnt act stupid.

Now the question is, how badly does Joe Girardi want to win the dick measuring contest?  Is he willing to piss off his bosses and Larry?  We'll find out tonight.