Remember These Guys?

As a Masshole, I have a moral obligation to call these guys out for the know-it-all, bullshit artists they are.

Its just so Goddamn frustrating when you know you're right and the world is against you.

There was absolutely no reason to pick the Falcons to win that game.  They are easily the most overrated team in the NFL this season and in their three games leading up to the Patriots game, they showed us nothing.

The Falcons had two losses coming into this game for Christ's sake.  The Patriots, even though they were playing weak competition, were undefeated and their defense had been making mediocre quarterbacks look like shit.  There was no reason to think Aqib Talib, the best cornerback in the NFL right now, couldnt shut down Julio Jones, thus crippling that Falcons offense.  I saw that coming from a mile away.

And the Falcons were giving up an average of 27 points coming into this game.  With their weak secondary and Kenbrell Thompkins coming off a two touchdown game, a moron could have predicted that the Patriots were going to score at least 30 points and that Thompkins was going to be the centerpiece of it all (he was targeted a team high 11 times and had 127 yard and a touchdown).

ESPN embarrasses themselves by making these know-it-all "experts" pick games they have no business picking.