Remember When Brian Williams Shat On The Red Sox For Being In 1st Place In July? Well Its September And They're Still In 1st. That Condescending Douchebag Owes Us An Apology.

I dont know why this pisses me off but it does. A few months ago, Brian Williams interviewed Jeff Bauman and when Bauman mentions the fact that the Red Sox were in first place, Williams had the balls to pull the "ya, but its only July" line.

Here's the interview: 

Well, its September now, bitch.  The Red Sox have a 5.5 game lead in the AL East and Brian Williams' precious Yankees are nine friggin games back (3.5 back for the wild card play-in).  Brian Williams can suck it.

That arrogant prick owes every one of his viewers, and Red Sox fans everywhere, an apology.  The Red Sox were not and are not a fluke.  They were a damn good team in July and they are a damn good team in September.

When he does issues a formal apology I'll post it here.  But remember, Brian Williams in a New Yorker, so dont hold your breath.