Some Asshole In Pittsburgh Is Selling These "We Used To Be Cheaters Now We're Murderers" Shirts. Stay Classy, Pittsburgh.

via @BSJimmy

Some dickhead, @BSJimmy, tweeted "great shirt being sold in Yinzers in Pittsburgh" with this picture yesterday.  It seems kinda ballsy for a city that embraces a known rapist to sell a shirt like this.

Seriously, they are probably just pissed off about all the Ben Raplesburger jokes over the years and are just looking for any cheap shot they can find.

Well, they failed.  I mean, this doesnt even make any sense.  The Patriots have done everything in their power to distance themselves from Aaron Hernandez.  This doesnt even piss me off.  It really doesnt.  It just proves how ignorant some people in Pittsburgh really are and how bad they are at talking shit.