Stevie Johnson Said The Patriots Don’t “have anybody to stop me” Then Praised Patrick Chung…Who Isnt Even On The Patriots Anymore. This Guy Is So Stupid.

Stevie Johnson told reporters,
"I don't think they have anybody to stop me. For real. I think we have guys in the receiver room that are as good as I am, if not better.

"I give a lot of credit to the Patriots. They play as one unit.  They're aggressive. It's going to be a test. It's going to be a challenge.  I have a lot of respect for [Patrick] Chung. I know him personally. [Devin] McCourty: he's a Pro Bowl player.
But I still think we can take advantage of their defense. I'll still ride with my boys over their guys."

The guy is obviously just an idiot.  How does a guy who is playing against the Patriots in Week One not even know who plays for the team.  This guy is pathetic.  And he is a perfect example of why the Bills are a joke.

He probably just talks shit to entertain himself because playing for the Buffalo Bills is so unbearable. That organization will basically be playing for second place for as long as Tom Brady is in this league and he knows it.

Im not surprised to hear this kind of bullshit coming from such a bullshit organization.