Terrell Owens Posted A Workout Video On Youtube Yesterday And Asked NFL Teams To Call 1-855-OWENS81 If Interested. I Wonder If Belichick Has The Balls.

Terrell Owens posted this workout video on Youtube with the description:
ATTN NFL Teams: Check out Terrell Owens latest football training at Pierce College in Los Angeles, California. Call 1.855.OWENS.81 if your team is interested in bringing TO back to the NFL.

Im not an NFL scout, so I have no idea what to make of this video.  I cant tell if this guy still has anything left in the tank or not.  But it might be worth it for the Patriots to give it the old college try.

Just having a future Hall of Famer in the locker room may be good for the young receivers. Even if he contributes nothing on the field, it may be worth it just to have him around for guys like Kenbrell Thompkins, Aaron Dobson and Josh Boyce to pick at his brain.

For all we know, that Patriots locker room is in shambles with a bunch of young receivers who feel like shit right now.  Having a future Hall of Famer around wouldnt hurt.  That is, assuming that at this stage in his life he's an older, more mature TO than the attention craving drama queen of years past.