The First Asshole On The Jets To Guarantee A Victory On Thursday Is (drumroll please) Muhammad Wilkerson. He Told WFAN: "We’re going to be 2-0."

From CBSNewYork:
The Jets only have a handful of days to prepare for the New England Patriots , but Muhammad Wilkerson says that’s enough, especially with head coach Rex Ryan back in the fold defensively.

“I think with Rex more now in the defensive meetings and helping out, I think he’s going to put together a great defensive game plan.”

We’re going to go to Foxboro and get this win,” he said. When asked where the Jets would be after Week 2, Wilkerson replied: “We’re going to be 2-0.”

So, we have our first asshole to guarantee a victory on Thursday. Are you really surprised though? That team is run by a big, fat, loudmouthed clown who has guaranteed victories in the past and that  kind of douchebaggery trickles down to the players. It really does.

Sure, the Patriots are banged up and their receiving corps is inexperienced, but guaranteeing  a victory is just stupid.  It makes Wilkerson look like an asshole and just reinforces what everyone already believes about the Jets--that they are a friggin joke of an organization.

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