The Leading Democratic Candidate For Mayor Of NYC Is A Die-Hard Red Sox Fan. You Cant Make This Shit Up.

From NYTimes:
Bill de Blasio, the city’s public advocate and a leading Democratic contender for mayor, has a confession: He is a Red Sox fan, tried and true. He was raised in Cambridge, Mass., becoming a devotee of the Red Sox at 6, and he is unabashed in his disdain for anything having to do with that team from the Bronx.

This guy, Bill de Blasio, is currently leading in the NYC Democratic mayoral primary.  I don’t know anything about this guy’s politics, but I like this balls.

I mean, it takes big brass ones to run for Mayor of New York City and admit that you are a Red Sox fan.  But hey, that’s what Massholes do.  We don’t hide it. We brazenly declare it and let the douchebags unleash their douchebaggery on us.

One of the people running against him actually tried it an issue. At a campaign stop, Bill Thompson said, "Yankees win the World Series — does he go to the parade? He’s going to have to answer to the public on these questions.”

Well, the Yankees arent going to win a World Series anytime soon.  They suck and are years away from even contending.  But I digress.  Anyway, seeing this guy in the lead must burn every New Yorkers ass.  If he does win, I hope he wears a Red Sox hat when giving his acceptance speech just to bust balls.  Stay tuned for that.