The Red Sox Are 0-2 Since Bob's Starting Selling These Goddamn Shirts

This is the phone number to Bob's in Randolph: (781) 963-1930. The assholes dont tweet so if you want them to remove these shirts from their display, you're going to have to get it down the old fashioned way.

And here's their mailing address, if you really want to go old school and write a letter:

Bob's Stores
100 Mazzeo Dr
Randolph, MA 02368

Putting these shirts up for sale before the Red Sox even clinched anything tells me two things:  Bob's is being run by a bunch of greedy pricks and they just dont care about the Red Sox. 

The reality is, they dont sell Red Sox merchandise at their stores because they are supporting the team.  All they care about is the green stuff--the money. And they wanted to get these shirts out as soon as possible so they could sell as many as possible.  They didnt care about the proper etiquette, which is to wait until they friggin clinch!  This is poor sportsmanship and bad karma for the Red Sox.

And if you think Im being a ball buster, Im not. As a Masshole, I have a moral obligation to call these douchebags out for what they've done. My conscience is now clear.