Tim Thomas Will Try Out With The Sad Sack Florida Panthers. He Must Be Kicking Himself In The Ass Over Leaving The Bruins.

Its official. Tim Thomas has accepted an invitation to try out with the Florida Panthers.  So, he went from being the starting goalie on an Original Six team that is a perennial Stanley Cup contender to trying out for a team that has the talent of a men's rec league from Saugus. That is so friggin sad.

I guess it does make sense.  I mean, he'd have to be soft in the head to think he could take a year off and have teams knocking down his door to sign him based on a resume.

For all we know, Tim Thomas is a fat lard right now.  His last know public appearance was in an NHLPA video from December, 2012 and the dude does look a little chunky (see the video here):

And he will be going from playing in a hockey hotbed to a place where people just dont give a shit about hockey.  Look at the crowd at the first Panthers preseason game:

via @Rinkside

What a fall from grace.