I Still Cant Even Wrap My Mind Around What The Hell I Just Witnessed.

Anyone who says the Red Sox were anything other than the best team in all of baseball is full of shit. That is a fact. We can say they are better than every other team and no one can argue that point.

This team was the best team in the AL East, the best team in the American League and the best team in all of Major League Baseball. Anyone who doubted them is an asshole and anyone who stuck with them and believed is vindicated.

Considering where this team came from--the fried chicken and beer bullshit, the Bobby Valentine shit show, the Beckett/Crawford/Gonzalez trade, and the complete rebuild of the roster--this is just un fucking real.  It really is.  Im still trying like hell to wrap my mind around what we just witnessed.

Really, I cant even comprehend.  I just cant.  Its not supposed to happen this fast.  This organization went through a complete rebirth and they are now World Series Champions again.  Un fucking real.

This Should Be The Headline On Every Sports Page Today

David Ortiz Knows How To Celebrate A World Series. Christ, Look At The Size Of This Bottle Of Champagne

And Here Are The Red Sox Dancing With Said Bottle Of Champagne.

I cant get over the size of that friggin champagne, I really cant.

This Picture Of Koji Uehara Getting Budweiser Poured On His Head Is Priceless And Needs To Be Made Into A Plaque. Now.

And This Is What The Bullpen Looked Like The Moment The Red Sox Won The World Series

RAW VIDEO: Some Douchebags Flipped Over A Car Last Night

Then there are these douchebags. This happened in front of Talbots on Boylston street.

People like this make us all look bad. I was at Game 6. I went out after Game 6. The thought of flipping over a car never crossed my mind. These animals dont represent us. Fuck these ignorant morons.  They are not us.

VIDEO: Here Is Shane Victorino's Three Run Double From Last Night. This Guy Is So Friggin Clutch.

VIDEO: Here Is The Moment The 2013 Red Sox Became World Series Champions...In Case You Want To Sportsgasm All Over Again.

Boston Police Commissioner, Ed Davis, Told Someone On Twitter To "Get A Life" Last Night. I Shit You Not.

This is a real tweet sent out last night by Boston Police Commissioner, Ed Davis.


I had no idea Ed Davis was a masshole. Im going to miss him when he's gone.

Here's An Endless Loop Of The Final Out Of The 2013 World Series. I Could Literally Watch This All Day And Not Get Sick Of It.

Sorry St. Louis. Sucks To Be You Today.

This is the cover of the St. Louis Post Dispatch today:

I Am So Friggin Ready For Game 6

The Latest Poll Results Are In

via SportsNation

Your Tweet Of The Day

There Are 49 Streets That You Cant Park On Because The Red Sox May Clinch At Home. I Shit You Not.

Jesus H. Christ, do you think this is just a little bit of an overkill or what?  I mean, this city has seen seven friggin championships since 2001.  We're not babies anymore.  Here is a list of every street that Mayor Menino wont allow you to park on on Wednesday because he thinks we are all a bunch of amateurs:

Bay State Road
Both sides, from Beacon Street toGranby Street.
Beacon Street
Both sides, from Kenmore Square to Park Drive
Boylston Street
Both sides, from Mass. Ave, to Park Drive (Brookline Ave./Boylston St.)
Brookline Avenue
Both sides, from Beacon Street (Kenmore Square) to Park Drive
Burlington Street
Both sides, from Brookline Avenue to the Dead End
Commonwealth Avenue
Both sides, both roadways, from Massachusetts Avenue to the Boston University Bridge
Deerfield Street
Both sides, from Commonwealth Avenue to Bay State Road
Ipswich Street
Both sides, from Boylston St. (Hemenway) toBoylston Street (Sunoco Gas Station)
Jersey Street
Both sides from Boylston Street to Peterborough Street
Kenmore Square (in its entirety)
Both sides, both roadways, from Kenmore/Raleigh Streets to Deerfield Street/Beacon Streets
Kilmarnock Street
Both sides, from Van Ness Street to Peterborough Street
Lansdowne Street
Both sides, from Brookline Avenue to Boylston Street
Newbury St. Extension
Both sides from Beacon St. to Charles Gate West
Park Drive (DCR Roadway)
Left side, Left roadway (Roberto Clemente Parkside) from Aggassi Road to opposite Kilmarnock Street
Raleigh Street
Both sides from Bay State Road to Commonwealth Avenue
Van Ness Street
Both sides, from Ipswich Street to Kilmarnock Street
Yawkey Way
Both sides, from Boylston Street to Brookline Avenue
Fullerton Street
Both sides, from Brookline Avenue to the Dead End
Overland Street
Both sides, from Brookline Avenue to the Dead End
Peterborough Street (in its entirety)
Both sides, from Park Drive to Park Drive

Blackstone Street
Both sides, from Hanover Street to North Street
Congress Street
Both sides, from New Chardon Street to State Street
North Street
Both sides, from Surface Road to Congress Street
Union Street
Both sides, from North Street to Hanover Street
Clinton Street
Both sides, from North Street to Surface Road
State Street
Both sides, from Surface Road to Washington Street
Hanover Street
Both sides, from Congress Street to Surface Road

Causeway Street
Both sides, from Merrimac Street to North Washington Street
Canal Street
Both sides, from New Chardon Street to Causeway Street
Friend Street
Both sides, from New Chardon Street to Causeway Street
Portland Street
Both sides, from New Chardon Street to Causeway Street
Lancaster Street
Both sides, from Merrimac Street to Causeway Street
Merrimac Street
Both sides, from New Chardon Street to Causeway Street
Beverly Street
Both sides, from Causeway Street to North Washington Street
Haverhill Street
Both sides, from Rip Valenti Way to Causeway Street
Rip Valenti Way
Both sides, from Merrimac Street to North Washington Street

Gainsborough Street
Both sides, from Huntington Avenue to Hemenway Street
Hemenway Street
Both sides, from Forsyth Way to Boylston Street
Symphony Road
Both sides, from Saint Stephens Street to Hemenway Street
Saint Stephens Street
Both sides, from Westland Avenue to Forsyth Way
Opera Place
Both sides, from Saint Stephens Street to Huntington Avenue
Westland Avenue
Both sides, From Hemenway Street to Massachusetts Avenue
Forsyth Street
Both sides, From Hemenway Street to Huntington Avenue
Forsyth Way
Both sides, From Huntington Avenue to the Fenway

Beacon Street
Both sides, from Chestnut Hill Avenue to Ayr Road
Brighton Avenue
Both sides, from Chester Street to Allston Street
Cleveland Circle
Cassidy Playground Area – Both sides of Metered Area
Sutherland Road Area – Both sides of Metered Area
Harvard Avenue
Both sides, fromCommonwealth Avenue to Cambridge Street


Shane Victorino And Dustin Pedroia Just Won Gold Gloves. Pissa.

From BostonHerald:
Victorino was named tonight as the recipient of the AL Gold Glove in right field, beating out Oakland's Josh Reddick and Baltimore's Nick Markakis. Meanwhile, second baseman Dustin Pedroia copped the Gold Glove at second base, edging the Yankees' Robinson Cano and Tampa Bay's Ben Zobrist.

It marks Victorino's fourth career Gold Glove, the previous three coming as a center fielder for the Philadelphia Phillies. Pedroia won the Gold Glove previously in 2008 and 2011.

I dont believe in defensive sabermetrics and all that bullshit.  The truth is we will never know how many runs they prevented with their defense.  All I know is that my eyes tell me that these guys bust their asses in the field every single night for this team and now theyve been rewarded.  And that is pissa.

Even The NY Post Is Washing Jon Lester's Balls Today.

This is the NY Post sports section today:

Wow. Jon Lester is the lead sports story in New York today. I guess there's nothing really to write about the Yankees. Those bitches havent played in a month.

FINAL: Red Sox 3 Cardinals 1

First of all, this has to be said: it is amazing how dominant Jon Lester can be when he isnt getting screwed by the home plate umpire. Seriously, how many times this season did we see him get squeezed, lose his cool and get thrown off his game?

This postseason, the umpires haven’t really busted his balls and the dude has a 1.56 ERA in his five starts. Last night, he was friggin awesome. He went 7.2 innings, allowed four hits, one run, didn’t walk anyone and struck out seven. He outpitched Adam Wainwright and gave the Red Sox a 3-2 series lead.

This team is now one friggin win away from winning the World Series and have a chance to win the whole damn thing at home. I am doing everything in my power to not go completely batshit right now.  They still have to win one more.  Deep breaths.  Deep breaths.

Newsflash: That David Ortiz Guy Is Pretty Good

VIDEO: Tim McCarver Casually Mentions That Molina "May Have Missed The Tag" And Ross "Could Have Touched Home Plate" As If Its No Big Deal That The Ump Kinda Blew This Call.

Its a moot point because Jon Lester was friggin dealing last night.  But listen to the wise one, Tim McCarver, casually talk about this blown call.

What pisses me off is that if it was a Cardinals player, he would have harped on it all night like the grumpy old bastid he is.  But it was against his team, so he just doesnt give a shit.  Its worth noting that fellow Cardinals fanboy, Joe Buck, was awfully silent about this play.

Once Again John Farrell Looks Like A Friggin Genius. Despite Sucking At The Plate, He's Kept Stephen Drew's In The Lineup For Defense And Last Night He Did This

So, This Happened

via Yahoo Sports / Big League Stew

I Am So Sick And Tired Of People Calling Cardinals Fans "Good Fans." If Theyre So Good, Then What The Hell Was Up With All The Paper Airplanes Last Night?

Some idiot Cardinals fans thought it was a good idea to throw paper airplanes onto the field during the game last night.  During Game 5 of the friggin World Series.  I am so sick and tired of hearing how classy the Cardinals fans are and how they are the nicest fans in all of baseball.

Cardinals fans can be just as douchey as any other fans. They like to think their shit dont stink, but come on.  Last night proved that their holier than thou attitude is kinda bullshit.

Your Tweet Of The Night

John Henry tweeted this about twenty minutes after the game last night.  I think this is his way of saying this team is not fucking around right now.


Jonny Gomes Was All Business In The Locker Room After Game 5

VIDEO: Cardinals Play-By-Play Guy Literally Laughed At The Red Sox For Holding Kolten Wong On 1st Base Just Before He Got Picked Off. And You Thought Tim McCarver Was Bad?

Tim McCarver wasnt the only one who made himself look like a dick the other night when he criticized the Red Sox for holding Kolten Wong on first.  Listen to this gem from the Cardinals play-by-play radio guy.  The dude laughed at the Red Sox just seconds before Wong got picked off.  Boy, does he look like a dick right now.

This Should Be The Headline Of Every Sports Page In America Today.

I swear, its like the Baseball Gods were punishing the Cardinals for the bullshit ending to Game 3.  I mean, that was too perfect.

Your Tweet Of The Day

Will Middlebrooks friggin owns Twitter.

FINAL: Red Sox 4 Cardinals 2

Jonny Gomes was 0-9 in the World Series coming into this game and wasn’t even supposed to be in the lineup.  If youve been living under a rock and didn’t know, Shane Victorino was a last minute scratch and Jonny Gomes was penciled into the lineup to take his place.

And the dude ended up hitting a 3-run home run in the sixth inning that gave the Red Sox the lead and buried the Cardinals in Game 4. This guy is a friggin gamer.

In probably the most talked about game of his career, Clay Buchholz was about what I expected. The dude only lasted 4 innings, threw 66 pitches, allowed three hits and one unearned run.  Bla.  David Ortiz continued to tear the shit out of the ball. He went 3 for 3 and is now batting .727 this series.

It wasn’t as humiliating as the bullshit obstruction call the night before, but you must admit it was pretty sweet seeing the game end with Kolton Wong getting picked off first base and Carlos Beltran at the plate. I mean, that is just friggin embarrassing.

Anyway, the Red Sox are two wins away from winning the World Series.  And with the series tied up 2-2, if they do win the whole damn thing, they will win it at Fenway Park.  Seriously, let that sink in for a second.  The Red Sox have the chance to win the World Series at home.  You thought the streets around Fenway Park were crazy back in 2004 and 2007?  Christ, I cant even imagine what it may be like.

Here Is Jonny Gomes' 3-Run Home Run, If You Want To Relive Your Sportsgasm From Last Night

This Has To Be Made Into A Plaque And Placed Inside Fenway Park, Caption And All

VIDEO: Kolten Wong Gets Picked Off And Tim McCarver Says "Awe, Boy" In A Really Disappointing Tone. You Think This Prick Isnt Rooting For The Cardinals?

So much for impartial coverage and professional standards. I think its safe to say we have a fanboy calling these games.

Here Is An Endless Loop Of Kolten Wong Getting Picked Off To End Game 4...And Basically Looking Like An Asshole. Enjoy.

What a friggin embarrassing way to end a game. Hey Cardinals, its called Karma, bitches.

If You Didnt Know...

FINAL: Patriots 27 Dolphins 17

So in the end, the Dolphins proved they are still the bitch of the AFC East.  They had a 17-3 lead at half time and were outplaying the Patriots in every aspect of the game.  It seemed like this was just going to be one of those shitty days.

Tom Brady threw an interception on the Patriots' second offensive play of the game and threw for a total of 25 yards in the first half.  The Patriots had just 59 totals yards on offensive.  Then came the second half.

The Patriots outscoring the Dolphins 24-0 in the second half and sacked Ryan Tannehill six times.  What a friggin joke of a team the Dolphins are.  I dont know how they started the season 3-0 but they did.  And now they are back where they belong--they're 3-4 and to put it bluntly, they suck.

Anyway, enough shitting on the Dolphins.  At the halfway point of the season, the Patriots are 6-2 and 3-1 in their division.  Sure, the games have been friggin painful to watch at times but shit, they are 6-2. That isnt a record that we should be bitching about.

PHOTO: Tom Brady's Throwing Hand Appeared To Be Swollen Like A Friggin Hot Air Balloon Today...And It Just Didnt Matter

Im not sure exactly when this happened, but this is Tom Brady's throwing hand swollen like a hot air balloon today.  This picture started floating around the internet at halftime.  For the record, after the game Brady said his hand was, "perfect" and when asked if it was bothering him said, "absolutely not."

Im Not Going To Lie, This Play By Devin McCourty And Marquice Cole Gave Me An Instant Pants Tent

And here's another pants tent inducing angle:

Meanwhile, Over In Cincinnati...

This Is The Front Page Of The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Today. That's Pretty Ballsy Of Them.

So, the implication is that Will Middlebrooks' legs obstructed Allen Craig?  Thats funny.  The dude actually tripped over Middlebrooks' mid section.  Nice try, assholes.

If Allen Craig were given some CIA truth syrup, I guarantee he would tell us that he kinda sorta intentionally fell on Middlebrooks, knowing that he may get the obstruction call.  And if my aunt had a dick she'd be my uncle.  Dont hold your breath.

And This Is The Sports Page Of The Boston Herald Today. They Get It.

Well said.

FINAL: Cardinals 5 Red Sox 4

How the hell can you make that call in the World Series?  Jim Joyce needs to calm the fuck down.

Remember, this is the same asshole who blew Armando Galarraga’s perfect game. He is an overzealous fat ass who likes to interject himself into the game.

I understand that technically, it may have been considered obstruction. But technically, Allen Craig makes a move back towards second base (watch the replay). So, technically he should have retouched third base before heading home. Technically.

If you really want to get technical, Craig was technically out of the base path too (look at the still picture above). So, technically he should have been called out.  Technically speaking.  You get the point. Jim Joyce should have kept his fat fucking face shut and not injected himself into a friggin play that didnt have to be called.

There was just no need to make that call. It was 100% unnecessary. If Middlebrooks got up, it would have been obstruction. It turns out he stayed on the ground…and it was still called obstruction. That doesnt make any friggin sense.  Joyce could have simply said that Middlebrooks stayed on the ground in an attempt to NOT obstruct the runner and he would have been right.  And the baseball world wouldnt be going apeshit right now.

But the incompetent prick had to inject himself into the play and a team lost a friggin World Series game because of it. That is complete and utter bullshit.

Here Is The Exact Moment The Red Sox Got Fucked.

Here is the very moment Jim Joyce, the same guy who screwed Armando Galarraga out of a perfect game, made the obstruction call...and fucked the Red Sox:

Will Middlebrooks' Dad Has Weighed In On Jim Joyce Blowing Game 3 And His Response Was Rather Massholey

Will Middlebrooks' dad is on Twitter and here's what he had to say about Jim Joyce and his utter incompetence:


I Think This Is How 100% Of Red Sox Fans Watched That Bullshit Press Conference With The Umpires After The Game

Here Is A Replay Of The Bullshittiest Call In The History Of The World Series

It was so friggin unnecessary to call interference on that play. It was questionable at best. I dont know how that asshole Jim Joyce slept last night knowing he fucked up so badly.  He will probably go to his grave saying that was interference. But hey, denial isnt just a river in Egypt.

I Think Its Safe To Say Jake Peavy Is Just A Little Pissed Off Right Now.

Here's Jake Peavy's entire rant, from ESPN:
"I think it’s a crying shame a call like that is going to decide a World Series game. It’s a joke. Two teams are pouring their hearts out on the field and that’s the call you make.

It’s a joke. I don’t know how he is going to lay his head down tonight. When you watch how hard these two teams are playing, and what it takes to get to the World Series and what it took for us to climb back into this game, it’s just amazing to me that it would end on a call like that, that’s not black and white. I don’t know what else to say.’’

Amen, brother.  A-fucking-men.

The Iron Sheik Even Weighed In On The Jim Joyce Fuck Up


I couldnt have said it better myself.

Here Is An Endless Loop Of That Prick Jim Joyce Sucking At His Job. I Dont Know How The Hell This Guy Can Sleep At Night.

FINAL: Devils 4 Bruins 3

The Devils had one friggin win coming into this game. Christ Almighty.

Patriots Dolphins Keys To The Game

I Want This Friggin Car So Bad

This is from an autobody shop in East Boston.  They get it.

If The Red Sox Do Win The World Series, I Am Going To Demand That This Be Made Into A Statue And Placed Outside Fenway Park

I Dont Know How You Can Listen To This "Boston Driver" Song And Not Laugh Your Balls Off.

FINAL: Cardinals 4 Red Sox 2

Big shit. No one picked the Red Sox to sweep anyway.

Ryan Dempster Wore This Suit On The Plane To St. Louis. I Shit You Not.


The Red Sox tweeted this picture with the caption, "best dressed award on this flight: Ryan Dempster."  Dempster obviously wanted to show the world how many fucks he gives...which is zero.  Good for him.

Rajon Rondo Was There