A Bunch Of Ignorant Morons Showed Up To Support A-Rod At His Grievance Hearing On Tuesday. No, This Isnt From The Onion. This Really Happened.

From ESPN:
New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez was greeted Tuesday morning by about 50 supporters outside Major League Baseball's headquarters in midtown Manhattan, where his grievance hearing to overturn his 211-game suspension enters its second day.

The supporters, who said they were from a New York-based group called Hispanics Across America, surrounded Rodriguez at the steps of the Park Avenue office building and chanted "Alex! Alex!"

"We're not here to tell you that Alex is guilty or innocent," said Sergio Rodriguez, executive director of HAA. "All we are saying is, treat him fairly, the same way you have treated everybody else that has been in violation of the drug policy."

There is no way Alex Rodriguez should be treated the same as all the other shitstains who got caught in the Biogenesis scandal.  He didnt just get caught like everyone else.

The dude tampered with MLB's investigation by buying documents from the Biogenesis clinic and attempted to pay the legal fees for the owner of Biogenesis, Tony Bosch, with the gazillions of dollars he earned in his baseball career.

Saying that he should receive the same punishment as everyone is pure bullshit. These people shoulve have gotten the facts straight before they made themselves look like assholes in front of the cameras.

(if you cant see the video above, click here to see the video of these morons chanting, "Alex, Alex!")