Oh Yea, There Was A Bruins Game Last Night Too. FINAL: Bruins 3 Panthers 2

I hope I dont look like an asshole right now, but the Red Sox are in the ALCS and this is a regular season game in October.  Im sure you understand.

Anyway, so the Bruins beat a sucky team with a has-been goalie.  Yawn.  It hurts to say, but its the truth.  Tim Thomas looks as if he had been sitting on his ass for a year and then decided to stroll back into this league just to cash a paycheck.  The dude looked like a shell of himself.

He couldnt move side to side, he barely moved out of the net to challenge the shooter and he isnt as quick as he once was.  The dude should have just walked off into the sunset and stayed there.

Anyway, the Bruins got goals from Dougie Hamilton, Daniel Paille and Reilly Smith.  See, that Tyler Seguin trade isnt working out too badly at all (I say that in jest).