FINAL: Patriots 27 Dolphins 17

So in the end, the Dolphins proved they are still the bitch of the AFC East.  They had a 17-3 lead at half time and were outplaying the Patriots in every aspect of the game.  It seemed like this was just going to be one of those shitty days.

Tom Brady threw an interception on the Patriots' second offensive play of the game and threw for a total of 25 yards in the first half.  The Patriots had just 59 totals yards on offensive.  Then came the second half.

The Patriots outscoring the Dolphins 24-0 in the second half and sacked Ryan Tannehill six times.  What a friggin joke of a team the Dolphins are.  I dont know how they started the season 3-0 but they did.  And now they are back where they belong--they're 3-4 and to put it bluntly, they suck.

Anyway, enough shitting on the Dolphins.  At the halfway point of the season, the Patriots are 6-2 and 3-1 in their division.  Sure, the games have been friggin painful to watch at times but shit, they are 6-2. That isnt a record that we should be bitching about.