FINAL: Red Sox 1 Tigers 0

This was the game that most people chalked up as an automatic loss for the Red Sox. It was Justin Verlander. It was John Lackey on the road. It was supposed to be a gimme for the Tigers.  And John Lackey came in and gave them a swift kick in the balls.

Lackey pitched a friggin gem in the most important game of his Red Sox career and Mike Napoli, who hadnt had a hit all series, hit a home run for the games only run.

John Farrell showed that he has the biggest balls of them all and when he took Lackey out in the 7th after throwing just 97 pitches.  The guy was dealing.  But Farrell preemptively avoided a "Grady Little" type moment and it turns out he made the right move...again.

The Red Sox beat Justin Verlander in Game 3 and now have a 2-1 series lead.  Holy fucking shit.