FINAL: Red Sox 3 Cardinals 1

First of all, this has to be said: it is amazing how dominant Jon Lester can be when he isnt getting screwed by the home plate umpire. Seriously, how many times this season did we see him get squeezed, lose his cool and get thrown off his game?

This postseason, the umpires haven’t really busted his balls and the dude has a 1.56 ERA in his five starts. Last night, he was friggin awesome. He went 7.2 innings, allowed four hits, one run, didn’t walk anyone and struck out seven. He outpitched Adam Wainwright and gave the Red Sox a 3-2 series lead.

This team is now one friggin win away from winning the World Series and have a chance to win the whole damn thing at home. I am doing everything in my power to not go completely batshit right now.  They still have to win one more.  Deep breaths.  Deep breaths.