FINAL: Red Sox 3 Tampon Bay Rays 1. ON TO THE ALCS MUTHA FUCKA!!!

So, the team that lost 93 games last year is now going to play in the ALCS.  That is pissa.  And Joe Maddon, who said after Game 2 that he was, "really looking forward to Game 5" looks like a wicked big asshole right now.

History will show that the 2013 Rays were nothing more than a Wild Card team that lost in the first round of the playoffs.  Thats it.  John Maddon tries really hard to brainwash his players into thinking they are championship caliber, but they arent.  That isnt me being a ballbuster.  That is a fact.

Im sorry, but history doesnt remember teams that get bounced this early.  Sure, the Rays fans will call this season a success but thats only because that's what losers do.  They celebrate near misses and "almost" championships.

Anyway, about the game.  I feel bad for all the poor bastids who went to bed early last night. If you missed it, John Farrell pinch hit Xander Bogaerts for Stephen Drew in the seventh inning.  The dude drew a walk and eventually scored on a wild pinch to tie up the game, once again making John Farrell look like a friggin genius.

In the same inning, Shane Victorino got an infield hit and drove in Jacoby Ellsbury to take the lead.  Xander Bogaerts drew another walk in the ninth and eventually scored on a Dustin Pedroia sacrifice fly, once again making John Farrell look like a friggin genius.

Koji Uehara came in with two outs in the eight and shut down these bitches from Tampa.  He didnt allow a hit or a walk, thus proving that the home run he gave up to that no-name backup catcher the other night was nothing more than a fluke.

The Red Sox had the best record in the American League this year and are now moving on to the ALCS and have to be considered the favorite to make it to the World Series.  If this is all just a dream, I really hope I dont wake up.