FINAL: Red Sox 4 Tigers 3

Im not going to say the Tigers suck. Their starting pitching is too good to say that. But come on, the Red Sox just took two of three from these bitches in Detroit. Good teams dont lose two of three at home in the friggin playoffs. They just dont.

I will also say this: if it hadnt been for the Jake Peavy's stinker the other night, this series would be over right now. And if my aunt had a dick she'd be my uncle.  Anyway, you get my point.

What happened over the past three days in Detroit told me a lot.  It told me that the Tigers arent the dominate team everyone thought they were.  Their bullpen sucks.  They arent getting the timely hitting from their superstars and the Red Sox starting pitching has been just as good as theirs. 

I understand that the only things certain in life are death and taxes, so Im not stupid enough to say this series is over, but the Tigers dont have the makeup of a World Series caliber team.  Right now, the Red Sox are the team with the 3-2 series lead and rightfully so. 

The Tigers probably have all the confidence in the world because Max Scherzer is pitching Saturday.  Big shit.  So is Clay Buchholz.  Scherzer pitched seven solid innings in Game 2 and the bullpen shat the bed.

Im not saying we should print the World Series tickets yet but the Red Sox are so goddamn close I can taste it.