FINAL: Tigers 1 Red Sox 0

One hit and 17 friggin strike outs against the team that led all of Major League Baseball in runs, on base percentage and slugging percentage this season.  The Tigers pitching is good, but come on, its not THAT good. Joe West had a lot to do with this bullshit of a game.  Im not the type to bitch and moan about umpiring, but the guy sucks at his job.  He really does.

Anyway, this game went to shit because of a combination of the Red Sox offense getting a case of limp dick, the Tigers above average pitching staff doing their job and Joe West being an asshole.  Its that simple.

This game was not an indictment of how this series is going to go.  The Red Sox bats will wake up and that prick Joe West wont be the home plate umpire for every game.  So, Im not heading to the Tobin...yet.  But I have every right to be incredibly pissed off right now.