I Still Cant Even Wrap My Mind Around What The Hell I Just Witnessed.

Anyone who says the Red Sox were anything other than the best team in all of baseball is full of shit. That is a fact. We can say they are better than every other team and no one can argue that point.

This team was the best team in the AL East, the best team in the American League and the best team in all of Major League Baseball. Anyone who doubted them is an asshole and anyone who stuck with them and believed is vindicated.

Considering where this team came from--the fried chicken and beer bullshit, the Bobby Valentine shit show, the Beckett/Crawford/Gonzalez trade, and the complete rebuild of the roster--this is just un fucking real.  It really is.  Im still trying like hell to wrap my mind around what we just witnessed.

Really, I cant even comprehend.  I just cant.  Its not supposed to happen this fast.  This organization went through a complete rebirth and they are now World Series Champions again.  Un fucking real.