In An Interview On Toucher & Rich Today, Fred Toucher Told Rick Pitino, “You Ruined The Celtics” Then Hung Up On The Prick...And I Think I Had A Sportsgasm.

First of all, Rick Pitino has a lot of balls doing an interview with a Boston radio station after what he did to the Celtics. He may quite possibly be the biggest asshole this town has ever seen.

Nevermind all the terrible basketball decisions and horrendous coaching. The guy forced Red Auerbach to step aside as team president so he could take over (which conveniently isnt mentioned on his wikipedia page).  That alone earned him the title of biggest asshole this town has ever seen.

Anyway, so the guy is peddling a new book and was supposed to do an interview on with Toucher & Rich on 98.5 The Sports Hub today.  But instead of asking him a question, Fred Toucher proved that he has the biggest balls of them all and simply said, "you stink. You ruined the Celtics" and proceeded to hang up on the piece of shit.

Fred Toucher, you are a hero to Massholes everywhere.

(click here to listen to the audio)