In A Press Conference Yesterday, Bill Belichick Wouldnt Say If Gronkowski Will Play On Sunday. He Just Kept Saying He Is "Day-To-Day" Over And Over Again.

In his press conference yesterday, Bill Belichick would not confirm the reports from earlier this week that Rob Gronkowki will play on Sunday.  He also didnt say that he wouldnt play.  He just kept saying that he is day-to-day over and over again.  Classic Belichick.  Classic ball buster.

Here is the transcript from the press conference (or click here to watch the video, the ball busting begins at the 10:11 mark)

Question: How much closer do you sense we are getting to seeing Rob Gronkowski in a game?

Belichick: Day-to-day.

Question: Safe to say he’s making progress?

Belichick: He’s day to day.

Question: As you get more information as to his availability toward the end of the week, how much do you envision that potentially changing any plans or can you just tweak a few things later in the week?

Belichick: I don’t know. I guess that’s a question to discuss at the end of the week, depending on whatever information is or isn’t available, I don’t know.

Question: Do you feel like he’s closer now than he was last week?

Belichick: He’s day-to-day.

Question: How did he look in practice last week?

Belichick: He practiced.

Question: Did he look like –

Belichick: He practiced.