John Scott Is A Piece Of Shit And Doesnt Belong In The NHL. After All This Bullshit We Hear About Concussions, He Nearly Decapitated Loui Eriksson Last Night.

Watch John Scott hit Loui Eriksson late and nearly take his friggin head off last night:

This guy is a real piece of shit. He isnt an enforcer and he doesnt live by the code of the NHL enforcer.  He is a cheap shooting scumfuck and he doesnt belong in the NHL.  He is bad for this league. Brendan Shanahan needs to get that through his thick skull.

The piece of shit is probably going to get a five game suspension for that hit. In reality, it should be 15 or 20 games and he should be put on a lifetime probation. One more head shot and he's gone. It isnt that hard to figure out.