Keith Olbermann Is A Know-It-All Douchebag And Is Bad For Baseball.

This is a tweet from the dude who is hosting the official MLB Postseason Pregame Show every night on TBS:

Good ol' Keith Olbermann.  Never letting the facts get in the way of a good tweet.

So, the dude wasnt even there, yet he's telling the world that they are all fools....for believing the facts.  This guy is unreal.  What he said was offensive to Red Sox players, fans of the Red Sox, the owners of the Red Sox and the families of the players in that bullpen.  He owes everyone I just mentioned an apology.

I feel bad for the people who watch that MLB Postseason Pregame Show on TBS thinking they are getting respectable coverage.  This guy is so full of shit.

For the record, Wil Myers himself admitted after the game that he didnt hear anyone shout anything from the bullpen, further proving my point that Keith Olbermann is a presumptuous prick.