Ladies And Gentlemen, Its Officially Hockey Season.

This is the first day of the Bruins 2013-2014 season and I have the balls to say it: the Bruins are THE elite team in the Eastern Conference

Their goaltending and depth make them scary good. The additions of Jarome Iginla and Loui Eriksson make the Bruins better this year than they were last year, no disrespect to Tyler Seguin and Nathan Horton. Its just than Eriksson is a better two way player and fits better in Julien's system and Iginla is more consistent than Horton.

To put it simply, in the Eastern Conference there is the Bruins and then there is everyone else. They faced the other two "powerhouses," in the Rangers and Penguins, last year in the playoffs and dismantled each of them.

Plus, the Penguins got worse. Their number one goalie, Tomas Vokoun, is going to be out 3-6 months recovering from surgery to dissolve a blood clot and their backup, Marc Andre Fleury, has reportedly been seeing a shrink. So they basically dont have a goalie. The Rangers have a new head coach but those players are so goddamn cocky that Scotty Bowman himself couldnt get through to those pricks.

The only other team even worth talking about is the Capitals, but they are going to shit the bed in the playoffs.  They always do.  Sure, Alexander Ovechkin will score a bunch of goals in the regular season and they will probably get on a hot streak at some point, they always do, then come playoff time, they will disappear.

So, Ill say it again: the Bruins are the elite team in the Eastern Conference. And Im not saying that as a Bruins fan. Im saying that as an observer of hockey. I just wish the "experts" in the national media would see past their Sidney Crosby boner and give the Bruins their proper credit.  It is so friggin frustrating when you know you're right and the world is against you.  It really is.