So, It Will Be The Tampon Bay Rays And The Red Sox In The ALDS

I hope I dont sound like a cocky bastid, but the Tampon Bay Rays dont scare me.  Sure, they won a tie-breaker and a one game play-in on the road but they played the friggin Texas Rangers and Cleveland Indians.  They deserve a slow golf clap.

The Rays wont be facing a middle of the pack, mediocre, borderline playoff team in the ALDS.  The Red Sox had the best record in the American League, score more runs than any team in all of Major League Baseball and were 12-7 against the Rays this year for Christ's sake. 

Plus, the Red Sox basically will be playing every game at home.  No one in Tampa cares about the Rays, so you know there will be plenty of tickets available and Massholes are going to flood Tropicana Field.

I dont have the balls to call for a Red Sox sweep.  But I also dont think this is going five games.  My official prediction: Red Sox in four.