So, Its Going To Be The Red Sox And Tigers In The ALCS

First of all, I dont want to hear the bullshit about the Tigers pitching. We heard that song and dance going into the Rays series and the Red Sox ended up scoring 26 runs in four games.  In that series, they tagged the mighty David Price for seven runs and the mighty Matt Moore for eight.

If anything, the Tigers pitching should be scared shitless of the Red Sox offense right now.  The Red Sox lead all of Major League baseball in runs scored, on base percentage and slugging.  And they were second in batting average.  They arent the friggin Oakland A's.

People were saying that the Rays series was going to be a tough one and the the Red Sox were basically one lucky home run, by a backup catcher, from sweeping the Rays.

Do I respect the Tigers pitching?  Sure.  Am I scared of the Tigers?  Hell no.  I would not be surprised at all to see the Red Sox win this series in five games.  Im not saying that as a Masshole. Im saying that as an observer of the game of baseball.