Some Cardinals Minor Leaguer Tweeted A Picture Of Jon Lester's Glove And Is Bitching That He Cheated Last Night. This Dude Has Some Balls.


Im not going to let this prick piss on my parade. The Red Sox have a 1-0 lead in the World Series and Jon Lester pitched his balls off. Im not going to let a little green stuff on his glove or some conspiracy theory from a no-name minor league belittle what Jon Lester did last night.

I guarantee if Jon Lester didnt have what looks like seagull shit on his glove, the Cardinals wouldnt have scored nine runs on him.  He was friggin nasty last night.  If Cardinals fans make a big deal out of this, they are going to embarrass themselves and come across as whiny little bitches.  They are better than that...I hope.

And its funny how people in the media didnt make a big deal out of it when Mariano Rivera clearly cheating by spitting on a baseball in the playoffs a few years ago despite the fact that an Angels blogger called him out on it and posted frame by frame images of him cheating that are as clear as day: