Some Lucky Bastid Bought A Ticket To Game 1 Of The World Series For $6. I Shit You Not.

From Deadspin:
That's right, reader Erik went on StubHub today and purchased a ticket to Game 1 of the World Series at Fenway Park for $6. The seat, located in right field box 97, was listed at $3.00. 50 percent of the cost was thanks to StubHub fees, but we doubt dude cares. He's going to the World Series for less than the cost of a beer in Fenway.

The guy who listed it probably just screwed up when typing in the listing price.  It sucks to be him today.  Seriously, he must be ripshit. I wouldnt doubt it if he hires a lawyer and try to blame StubHub claiming it was a computer glitch or something.  Stay tuned.

[Update: it turns out the tickets were fraudulent and StubHub is going to provide the guy with replacement tickets in a comparable location for free. So, the dude just got a free ticket to the World Series. Lucky bastid.]