That Scumbag Who Punched The Girl At The Jets Patriots Game Is An Ex-Con Who Was At The Game With His Mother. You Cant Make This Shit Up.

via NYDailyNews

From NYDailyNews:
The Gang Green goon who was videoed slugging a female New England Patriots fan in the face after the Jets’ upset victory is not just a pugnacious superfan — he’s a killer. Kurt Paschke served three years in a state prison back in the 1990s when he was convicted of fatally stabbing 17-year-old Henri Ferrer during a fight behind a pizza parlor in Sayville, L.I.
But wait.  It gets better.  It turns out his father is a Suffolk County cop and is a bit of an enabler:
They have long believed that Paschke was allowed to plea to a lesser crime and given just three years in prison because his father, also named Kurt, was a Suffolk County cop. “He’s dangerous and he thinks he’s untouchable because he’s the son of a police officer,” said a Ferrer relative so frightened she pleaded not to be identified. “He got away with murder.”
His mom is an enabler too and has the balls to call him the victim in this situation:
“He’s the victim, really,” she [his mother] said her Holbrook, L.I. home, where a half-eaten Jets-themed birthday cake for her boy sat on the counter. “He was just concerned for his mother and himself.” 

While Momma Paschke spoke, her son who turns 39 on Friday was hiding out across the street in a house he rents. Paschke’s mom said her boy — a season ticket holder — normally brings his dad to the games. She went this time because she is a breast cancer survivor and this is the month for raising awareness about the dreaded disease.

None of this surprises me. Immediately after the incident, if you were to ask me to guess what this guy was like, I would have guessed that he was an arrogant loser with mommy problems. And I would have been right.

Shame on both of his parents.  They are both enablers.  His father got him out of jail and his mother is fine with him punching girls in the face.  They are just as pathetic as he is and they obviously dont get it.  They think their son is more important than the rules of society.  According to them, their sone is above it all and that is a damn shame.

Society would be better off if this guy was locked in his parents basement and medicated for the rest of his life.  He shouldn't be allowed out even to go to Jets games...which is probably the only time this loser leaves the house anyway.

And his parents need to see a psychiatrist or go on Dr. Phil or something.  Their son is nothing more than a pimple on the ass of society and they seem to be having a hard time accepting that fact.  If they get him out of this mess, the people of New York are fucked.  There will be another violent scumbag roaming the streets and the dude's parents dont really care who he hurts next...and will probably get him off again.  That is so friggin disturbing.