This Is The Statue The Red Sox Keep In Their Clubhouse For Good Luck. I Shit You Not.

via Instragram/RedSox

The Red Sox keep this statue in their clubhouse for good luck.  It looks like something from that Stefon character on Saturday Night Live (you know that thing where you keep carry a Native American statue around with a fake beard and Vietnam Vet hat?) but it really is their good luck charm.

Anyway, here is the story from ESPN:
Perhaps the Red Sox would not be here if Jake Peavy had not stumbled upon a certain type of spiritual intervention, namely the small Native American statue acquired on a road trip out West that has become the team's lucky charm of sorts.

The grind of August had hit the Red Sox somewhat hard midway through the month with the club losing seven of 10 contests before a West Coast road trip. That's when the recently acquired righthander saw the lucky charm that ended up turning the season around.

"We came up with some elaborate story about how he had some healing spirit, so he started in the training room, getting some guys right," Peavy said.

"He's going to ride on my duck boat if we win the World Series," Peavy said. "And we'll hook him up with a full share (of the bonus pay) as well."