Torii Hunter Says He Wishes He Had Kicked The Bullpen Cop In The Face Because He Didnt Help Fast Enough. I Shit You Not.

Before you read the following tweets, sit down and take a deep breath.  And understand that Torii Hunter is a dickhead of epic proportions.  So takes his comments with a grain of salt.

These are from Anthony Castrovince of




I understand that Torii Hunter is embarrassed, but this is the height of douchbaggery.  Saying that the police officer should have helped and not reacted to a friggin game tying grand slam is just stupid.  Saying that he wishes he had kicked a police officer in the face is disgraceful.  I mean, what kind of sick fuck thinks like this?

Torii Hunter owes this police officer, his family, and the Tiger organization an apology.  You cant spew this kind of bullshit and just get away with it.

Anyway, Im starting to think that Torii Hunter is just soft in the head.  This is the same guy who once told USA Today that black Latinos are "imposters" and said that teams sign them, not because they are talented, but because MLB wants to replace African Americans with 'cheaper dark faces' whatever the hell that means.

This guy is a friggin embarrassment to Major League Baseball, he really is.