Your Wicked Douchey Tweet Of The Day


This guy isnt just some loser who tweets stupid shit to piss people off.  Jeff Passan is the lead MLB columnist at Yahoo Sports.

I dont understand how this assclown can tweet something like this and still have a job.  He later tweeted that it was a "joke."  But honestly, that doesnt make him any less of an asshole.  Actually, playing the "it was only a joke" card in lieu of issuing an apology makes him look like more of a prick.

If this dude doesnt issue a public apology at some point before the Game 1 of the World Series, Im going to rip him to shreds nightly.  Stay tuned.  If you want to respectfully disagree with his statement or ask him to apologize, you can tweet him @JeffPassan

On a side note,  Mayor Menino must be slightly annoyed right now.