Congratulations To Terry Francona On Winning AL Manager Of The Year...I Guess.

The Baseball Writers Association of America (aka the idiots who vote for this award) got it wrong. Its that simple.

I understand that the Indians only won 68 games in 2012. I get that. But to say a guy deserves to win Manager of the Year because he led his team to a second place finish in the AL Central and won the Wild Card is moronic.

Terry Francona deserves a nice, slow golf clap. That its. To give the guy Manager of the Year is a friggin joke.

John Farrell led what was a previously dysfunctional clubhouse to the best record in the American League.  His team had more wins than the Indians and actually won their division, which happens to be the toughest is all of baseball. But that isnt good enough for the morons at the BBWA.

The Sporting News, which uses a panel of 19 managers to vote for their Manager of the Year Award, named for John Farrell a few weeks ago.  Thats right, according to his peers, John Farrell is the if you Manager of the Year.

That alone is proof that the Baseball Writers Association of America got it wrong.  But I guess thats what happens when you dont let a a bunch of crusty old farts with hardons for old timey managers, like Francona, vote for awards.

You have to wonder if there was any cronyism involved here.  I mean, Francona shoots the shit with these tools. He charms them. He entertains them (I will never forget that video of Francona shooting the shit with the media about how he rides a scooter to the ballpark and how them media was giggling like a bunch of pigs in shit).

And in the end, they gave him an award that he doesn’t deserve.  And that is a goddamn shame.