Ed Reed Chose To Sign With The Jets Over The Patriots Because Learning The Patriots System "Would Have Been Difficult." No, This Isnt From The Onion.

From USAToday:
Reed was only too happy to try and resurrect his season with Ryan, so much so that he spurned an opportunity to join the Jets' archrivals, the New England Patriots.

"Going in there and trying to learn a new system probably would have been difficult," Reed said of the first-place Pats. "I'm sure they probably thought about that too, but when I talked to Rex ... everything else was kind of out the window."

I honestly dont even know what the hell that means.  I think he is saying that Rex Ryan doesnt care about winning and will let him half ass it....I think.  Or maybe he is saying that Rex Ryan is a shitty head coach that wont push him.  I dont know.

Whatever he meant, Im just glad he didnt sign with the Patriots.  The last thing this team needs is an entitled veteran butting heads with Bill Belichick.  I get that he is a future Hall of Famer.  But come on, the guy just basically admitted that he wants to mail it in from here on out and he knew Belichick wouldnt put up with his bullshit.  That is just pathetic.

This was a great non-move by the Patriots.